Horse Grooming Tools

Grooming is as important to the health and comfort of a horse as it is to a human being.  In addition to the obvious cleaning that occurs, grooming massages the horse and promotes circulation.  Grooming time is also a good time to check the horse for scratches, bruises, injuries or other changes that indicate additional medical attention may be needed.

Just as we use a variety of combs, brushes and cloths for personal grooming, a variety of combs, brushes and cloths are also necessary for proper horse grooming.  These are the most common horse grooming tools found in a grooming kit:

Rubber Curry Comb
A Rubber Curry Comb is used to loosen and remove mud and dirt under the horse’s hair.  A Rubber Curry Comb should not be used on a horse’s bony areas, legs or face.

Dandy brush
A dandy brush has long, stiff bristles and is used to remove dirt from the surface of the horse’s coat. It is also used on the less sensitive parts of the horse.  The Dandy Brush is a great tool for brushing the tail.

Body Brush
A body brush has soft bristles and is used after the Dandy Brush to remove any remaining dust or dirt from the horse’s coat. A body brush can be used on sensitive areas of the horse’s body, including the legs and face.

Metal Curry Comb
This is not used on the horse but is rather used to clean the Body Brush during or after grooming.  It removes dust, dirt and hair from the brush to improve performance.

Mane comb
As the name suggests these are combs used on the horse’s mane. They come in plastic and metal. There are variations of these combs for different purposes.  Short metal combs are used for pulling manes.  Other special combs are used to cut the mane thinner.

Hoof Pick
A Hoof Pick is used to remove mud, stones and other debris from the hooves.  It is typically found as a combination metal pick and small, stiff-bristled brushed.

Sweat Scraper
A Sweat Scraper is used to remove both excess sweat and excess water (from washing) from the horse.

Cotton Sponge or Cloth
Used for cleaning the eyes, nose and wounds of the horse.

Cotton Towel
Used to remove additional water after washing and scraping or to smooth the coat.  A damp towel may be used to remove dust from the horse’s coat.

Grooming Kit Container
Last but not the least, is the Grooming Kit Container.  It can be any container, box or bag with ample storage for the various brushes and other kit components.  It can be as simple as a draw-string bag or as complex as a tackle box.

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